Genetics and somatotypes

Constitution of the majority of people can be divided into three types: thin by nature, full of nature and the nature of the sport Bar Brothers The System. The concept of physique is called "somatic," and the aforementioned types - ectomorph, endomorph and mesomorph, respectively.

In our series of materials we consider ectomorphs - those who have problems with weight gain and muscle mass. Fortunately, the advantage of this constitution is that it ectomorphs easiest way to create a harmoniously developed a shape with a relief pressure.

The easiest way to determine the somatotype is to measure the circumference of your wrist bone: at the wrist ectomorph often less than 17.8 cm, mesomorph - from 17.8 to 19 cm, endomorphs - more than 19 cm (the figures are relevant with the growth of 160 cm) .

You can estimate your wrist and without a measuring tape, a clasping his thumb and forefinger of the other hand - in this case, the ectomorph is easy to connect the fingers mesomorph with some difficulty, and at endomorphs just did not get it done.


Aerobic exercise is crucial for a smaller waist. Nothing grows metabolism and increases the burning of fat as the good old exercise 0-6 Pack Abs Review. Any activity that increases the heart rate in the order, whether it be walking, jogging, swimming, playing tennis or biking. The key is to find activities you enjoy and can do three to five days a week. Constant activity level will also benefit the health of the heart, the control of blood sugar levels and well-being. Hydration the strategic and lose in the middle part. LIVESTRONG website quotes an article in August 2009, published in Obesity Research Journal, which found that "drinking water 20-30 minutes before a meal can help you eat less food. The participants ate an average of 75 fewer calories at each meeting. [1] Although it seems that a small amount that the calorie deficit can add to an increased weight loss. Staying hydrated with water also reduces cravings for sweet drinks which increase abdominal fat.


Bench Press - great exercise for increasing the total weight of the pectoral muscles. And after your breast will gain the necessary weight and volume, then it will be able to hone the shape isolation exercises such as dumbbell wiring lying on a bench or the exercise on the similarity of the reduction of the upper blocks "Cross-over".

Squat with a barbell on your shoulders - truly is the king of all exercises and most effective exercise for developing feet. Arnold himself talks about the squat as one of the most effective exercises massonabornyh. There are even methods of pumping the entire body using only the squat, using its different variations and intensity.

Deadlift - a very efficient basic exercise for the entire back side of the body, especially the back. But it must be done with extreme caution, as the risk of injury is very large, so before making an approach with more weight you need to work with these light weights and to practice the technique. It must be polished and clear.

This is the three basic exercises, the implementation of which is considered to be the basis not only for the recruitment of muscle mass, but also to increase strength. By performing these exercises, you immediately kill two birds with one stone In addition to the basic exercises include many more exercises such as pull-ups on the bar, the thrust rod in the slope, dips, etc. But the implementation of the "golden trio" and the inclusion of these exercises in the program is considered paramount.

6 foods that you can eat without fear that it will ruin your diet

What are the foods that are prohibited in almost all diets? Pasta, fatty cheese, nuts and oil are usually considered thickening resulting solid or ... feel guilty every time you eat. How would I feel if I said that ... it is not to get fat? He discovered six foods that you can eat without fear that it will ruin your diet:

Cheese: Yes, it is greasy and salty, they are also a rich source of calcium. 30 grams is enough to enjoy your favorite cheese and not thickened. Caution: Do not choose only light versions, because sometimes the cheese fat-free not to get satisfied. Eat any kind of cheese you like, but in moderation.

Olive Oil: Avoid fried foods and do well, but raw olive oil can help you lose pounds because it keeps you satiated. A tablespoon of olive oil contains 119 calories, so it is ideal to accompany your salad or your meal (especially when they are boiled or steamed).

Milk chocolate: If you deny the milk chocolate and have it replaced with dark chocolate, probably did not know that while milk chocolate is not super-food (such as chocolate), not going to fatten you eat in moderation. A couple of pieces of chocolate twice a week is enough to enjoy the sweet your but and do not take kilos.

Pasta or bread: A proper diet does not exclude from the weekly diet thee any food group. Pasta or bread-just like the chocolate not to get fat enough to not overdo the quantity.

Potatoes: Nobody eats French fries when dieting. Have you ever thought, however, that the potato is a vegetable ...? Can potatoes be appetite but if you combine it with the right foods not only to pleased by but will be healthier. Accompanied the potatoes with a little butter (yes, subject to availability) or yogurt!

Nuts: Nuts are good for your health but they contain many calories. Try to eat them in small quantities or with your salad (to get enough) to take advantage of their nutrients and to avoid increases the calories you consume daily.

However, because you owe yourself this summer to find your "kormara" prompt follow these practices and this year we launched the bikini, so many years you have purchased, but so long stick to rigid. Shortly gymnastics, little lemononero, just cut the skewers, which will succeed this year ....

1. Cut the fast-food

It can be very convenient and much easier to order a burger from the cooking yourself, but forget the way how fattening is one such option. Fast food meals, often contain calories your account for the entire day and usually after two hours of hunger has returned with a vengeance! Start new eating habits, then, forgetting the fast food!

2. Cut and refreshments

And the drinks are still a source of calories, not offering virtually nothing in the body. They contain a lot of sugar and preservatives that not only the body needs, but of doing and bad. The next time you feel thirsty then, choose water with lemon and not carbonated lemonade!

3. Counting calories

Even the loss of weight is the numerical point. If you want to lose weight, you must consume fewer calories than you burn. Record then two lists calories and get the calories you burn and find out which of the two categories of aid or wants ... reduction.

4. Climb the stairs

The simplest method to immediately start working out is starting to climb the stairs rather than the elevator. May initially resent you, but it is a small step that brings you even closer to a fitter and lowest reading on the scales.

5. Give some more intensity in aerobic

If you already do aerobic exercise, dyskolepste yourself and challenge him with more intensity exercises and steeper slope in the hallway. Whenever easily get around in the gym is the time to raise the level of difficulty.

6. Start the weights

Another way to start losing weight is to ... "gain weight". Wearing weights ankles or wrists, dramatically increases the difficulty and effectiveness of the exercise.

7. Eat often and little

Keep in your hopped up metabolism and Save yourself from the continuous hunger by eating five small meals a day rather than three large, probably will varystomachiasoun you

8. Invest in small changes

Replace soda with lemononero, white bread with wholemeal or multigrain, chocolate cookies with fresh strawberries and we will get rid of some unwanted calories will satisfy your hunger more efficiently and lose weight faster.

In the beginning was the salad ... and as states and university research of Pennsylvania, if you start with a salad on the rest of the day, everyone will have much appetite to consume fewer calories. Salads with abundant, colorful and tasty vegetables, without elaborate sauce (yes here forget the mayonnaise, replace with yogurt if you want to) give at least 10% fewer calories during the day.

Outsmart the sauce. Take the fork your little sauce that you have beside your vegetables (and not above them). Taste and then start with your vegetables. This will save you hundreds (no exaggeration) calories.

Two appetizers please. When you go out with her / your syntorfo or friends choose a pasta dish and a salad or soup from the column of appetizers rather than a starter and a main course. Attention to the vending machine. Select young and healthy snacks. So you will taste and variety, will mitigate hunger.

5 myths about your diet ...

1. It is not right to eat with carbohydrates and proteins
Though always confusing nutritional terminology, you will have definitely heard that does not eat pasta with meat, or even bread with chicken etc. We supposed to do if these "bad" carbohydrates combinations -as bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, cereals, legumes, fruits and lachanika- protein (meat, chicken, fish, milk, cheese, yogurt, avgo- fatten.
WRONG. Instead as indicated by dietician two food groups have the capacity to bring about better feeling of hunger and satiety. Simply put, you get enough faster and not ... Overdoing!

2. You must drink 8 glasses of water a day

GET amok and counting ... You take bottles, pressured to drink water! It is good to moisturize your body, but do not need to drink by force only water. Many times you can replace the fluid in need of the organization from other sources! These include: fruit and vegetable juices, coffees, teas, herbal infusions, soft drinks without sugar. Exceptions are spirits that cause dehydration

3. It is advisable to avoid tomatoes. Tomatoes have sugar

One would have to mention! But this is also another myth. Tomatoes contain carbohydrates (fiber), slightly more calories (6-8) from the so-called green vegetables (cucumber, lettuce, etc.) And of course not fattening.

4. Avoid potatoes because fatten

The potato is definitely misunderstood food and generally just to hear you thinking hundreds of calories. But the potato is a very useful food with low calories provided eaten boiled or baked. Unlike when consumed fried or even worse form of standardized chips then we have very high calorie intake from the oil it contains.

5. The black bread has fewer calories than white

There are times when you think that if you consume a whole grain product, you will not get a single calorie. So not hesitate to eat a slice of bread or a bit above most cereals. And yet in terms of calories, the "battle" of white and black bread comes tie. "The bread has considerable amount of energy is either white or black.

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